For a second time, the gallery of the Cathedral of Fribourg (Switzerland) will exhibit my work.The works on display will consist exclusively of portraits made on paper (50 x 70cm and 70 x 100 cm.) The entire collection consists of some 180 works, around 30 of which will be on exhibit. A slideshow will complement the presentation.

Salam Ahmad is a voice among the voiceless; his voice is perhaps a conduit for theirs. Salam’s uncertain situation as an asylum seeker in Switzerland is just one factor among the many that often result in the loss of one’s voice. Be they asylum seekers, refugees, or those finding themselves in other precarious conditions, so many around the world have been forced into silence: they cannot or dare not speak.

Thus the concept of ​​this project: to organize parallel exhibitions around the world, in venues as diverse as galleries, cultural centers, cafes, schools or social establishments, among others. And to do this throughout this particular year, which marks an entry into a new decade that we hope will bring hope, and a return of voices for the disenfranchised


  • The gallery of the Cathedral of Fribourg will send to its different partners 3 or 4 of my work.
  • These will be exhibited in a place of their choosing (hung unframed.) A slideshow will also be made available.
  • Documentation (a biography of the artist and concept statement) provided by the organizers will be made available to visitors.
  • Partners are free to integrate the exhibition into a larger event of their choice.
  • A photographic or brief video record will be made by the partners and sent to the organizers for their archives.

You will have the entire 2020 year to set up your project. However, we would like to include the exhibit venues on the poster; therefore, we request the following information asap:

Confirmation of your interest, along with specification of:

1) The number of works you wish to exhibit

2) The timeframe in which you wish to set up the exhibition

Your full contact details (name, postal address, email address, telephone number)

Please submit this information by email to the following address:


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