10.02.70 Born in Afrin Syria (Kunstmaler lebt Olten)



1976 Private study of arts

1995 Bachelor in philosophy

2001 Diploma in Psychology

2001 Teacher of philosophy at Aleppo secondary schools

2009 – 2012 Restore paintings, Museum of ModernArt, Aleppo, Syria



2017 Shedhalle Schönenwerd, Switzerland

2017 art museum, san francisco, USA 

2017 Kunsthaus, Zofingen, Switzerland

2017 Am Bach Gallerie, Erlinsbach, Switzerland

2017 Espace Pertuis, Fribourg, Switzerland

2017 Das Atelier in Berlin, Germany

2017 kulturpunkt im PROGR Bern, Switzerland

2016 B-Side Festival, Luzern, Switzerland

2016 Olten pro Kultur, Switzerland

2015 Am Bach Gallerie, Erlinsbach, Switzerland

2015 Artesol, Solothurn, Switzerland

2015 Shedhalle Schönenwerd, Switzerland

2015 Sheraton Hotels in Illinois, USA

2015 Boesner Unterentfelden Switzerland

2015 Zofingen kunsthaus, Switzerland

2014 artee, Zug,  Switzerland

2011 Syrian cultural madrid, Spain

2011 Unesco, Beirut, Lebanon

2010 Al Khanji Gallery, Aleppo, Syria

2010 Spring exhibition, Damaskus, Syria

2010 Ashtar Gallery, Damaskus, Syria

2006 Salute to maghout, Salamiyah, Syria

2006 Exhibition of youth art, Damaskus, Syria

2006 Exhibition of afrin artists, Rakka, Syria

2005 Al jabal arts, Efrin / Aleppo, Syria

2005 Arab Cultural Center, Damaskus, Syria

2005 Al Khanji gallery, Aleppo,Syria

2004 Khan al harir way (silk way), Aleppo, Syria

2004 Spanish Center Cultural, Therbantes Institute, Damascus, Syria

2003 Cultural Center abou romanna, Damaskus, Syria

2002 Ebla Gallery, Aleppo, Syria

2001 Teshreen Gallery, Aleppo, Syria

2001 Ebla Gallery,Aleppo, Syria


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